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Competitive Comparison

IKOR Industries offers several competitive advantages. These are based on the operations and systems that have been established, the workforce, and the location of our facility.Flexibility of Operations

The IKOR operation is flexible and designed to meet the customers’ flexible demands. The operation allows for levels of cyclical work demand as well as growth with current and/or new products the customer may want to develop. The operation is designed for movement of cells to address these demands and the workforce is versatile with experience in design, development and cellular manufacturing. The facility is built with flexible electrical and compressed air delivery, allowing for changes to the flow of production.

IKOR has often developed, sometimes with the input of the customer, a supply chain for various materials and packaging. These sources are both in the United States and Latin America.

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IKOR has leveraged its capabilities, by defining and then working with key customers in various markets and various products.  The customers have valued the ability of IKOR to delivery a high quality product at cost competitive rates.  To date, IKOR has manufactured products for the Industrial Filtration Industry, Consumer based Filtration, Medical Soft Goods, Juvenile Safety Products, and Specialized Appeals.

In producing industrial filtration products IKOR works with all available sub-straight  materials presently offered for Dry and Liquid Filtration Markets. IKOR routinely manufactures standard Reverse Air, Pulse Jet and Shaker Bag designs.  IKOR also produces highly customized designs requested by our customers or the end users.

IKOR has established production cells for each of these products in order to ensure quality based finished goods.

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IKOR prefers to approach business and the hurdles that will arise doing business as a partnership with the customer. This is not on an equity basis, but as strategic partners. A strategic partnership that allows for open doors and cooperation on all aspects, with the goal to allow the customer, IKOR and the supply chain vendors to all realize their individual business goals.

In order to achieve mutual benefit, IKOR offers a flexible solution to the customer for their manufacturing needs. These range from strict conversion of the customer supplied materials to providing turn key products shipped to the location designated by the customer. In order to find a solution meeting the customers financial needs, IKOR has successfully work in a combination of the two models These successful models have had the customer provide specific materials that they can acquire more cost effectively, while IKOR acquired the balance of the materials needed.

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